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Selected photo images of Ed & Lynnae
National Staff - Eugene McCarthy for PresidentLynnae on Cascade Head Trail - July 2010Lynnae at Pompeii (Italy) – August 2010Ed on the Volcano at Stromboli (Italy) – September 2010Lynnae on the Fossa Trail - September 2010Ed on the Eastern Slope of Mt. Etna (Italy) - September 2010Ed & Lynnae on Skyline Trail – October 2010Lynnae on Skyline Trail – October 2010Lynnae on the Beach at Tierra Del Mar – November 2010Ed & Lynnae at the White House – December 2010Ed & Lynnae on Vashon Island – January 2011Lynnae and the Virgin Islands Vocational Rehabilitation Staff – January 2011Lynnae on the Lykken Trail – March 2011Lynnae and the Seagulls – July 2011Ed and the New iPad! – July 2011Ed at a Bicycle Ride – August 2011Lynnae at the White House – September 2011Lynnae in Iceland – October 2011Lynnae in Palm Springs – November 2011Hiking Above Palm Springs - March 2012

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