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Selected photo images of Ed & Lynnae
National Staff - Eugene McCarthy for PresidentWedding Day1974 (?) - Lynnae in Toronto (?)1975 - Pinery Provincial Park1977 (?)1980 - Ed & Lynnae on the Oregon Coast1982 (?) - Lynnae at Mt. Vernon1987 - Lynnae at the Redwoods1996 - Ed and Lynnae1997 - Ed with the Canon Powershot 6002000 - Lynnae at Newberry Crater2000 - Ed at the "old beach house"2005 - Lynnae's Visa Photo2008 - Lynnae and the Bear2009 - Ed at Taquitz Falls in Palm SpringsLynnae on Cascade Head Trail - July 2010Lynnae at Pompeii (Italy) – August 2010Ed on the Volcano at Stromboli (Italy) – September 2010Lynnae on the Fossa Trail - September 2010Ed on the Eastern Slope of Mt. Etna (Italy) - September 2010

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