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I love bicycles and bicycling. This is a gallery of bicycle photos taken over the years. I'll add to this gallery as I find more and capture more bicycle images in my travels.
Ed's Raleigh - Nova Scotia - 1974Bikecentennial 1976DALMAC - 1977TCBA Spring Ride - Lynnae - 1978Ed's Raleigh - Lolo Pass - 1978Ed in the Keweenaw Peninsula (Michigan) - Late 1970'sEd and Lynnae - Cycle Washington - 2002Bicycles on the Ferry - Cycle Washington - 2002Bicycle as Lawn Art - 2006End of the Road - Oahu - 2006Saturday Morning Ride - 2007Chilly Hilly - 2008Vancouver Island - 2008Quebec Bicycle (One) - 2009Quebec Bicycle (Two) - 2009Quebec Bicycle (Three) - 2009Quebec Bicycle (Four) - 2009Bicycle Commuter Contest - Kris - 2009Bicycle Commuter Contest - Lee - 2009Bicycle Commuter Contest - Emily - 2009

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