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This gallery contains selected photos captured by William L. Ruttledge. These are only a very few of the 2785 photos I scanned from his slides in 2004-2006.

There were no notes with the slides – some slide boxes had bare titles such as “Mexico” or “The Southwest.” There were no dates on the slides or the slide boxes. No names were provided with the photos. Some of the locations look vaguely “recognizable” (Chicago, Detroit, Mexico, Europe) and some of the photos look like they are likely of family. But, I chose to add no descriptions with the photos.

William L was ahead of his time. Capturing color photos on 35 mm film when commercial processing of such film was limited and/or required DIY developing. Indeed, many of the slides had been hand mounted. Photos in this collection appear they may cover a period of time from immediately before WW2 to the early 1960’s, but this is a guess. Film was not available for consumer photography during the war… and I recall William L telling me he had a German made 35 mm camera which he did not think appropriate to be using during the war. So, there was a gap in photographs for most of what looked like to be the 1940’s.

The photos were selected on the basis of interesting content, composition, and quality of the scanned image. I did some “cleaning up” (removing dust, mold, grunge, etc.) of the images and color correction to restore colors lost to fading and/or “bluing.” No other photo processing gimmicks were used.

Ed Ruttledge

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